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Plant Hardiness Zone Finder


The Plant Hardiness Zone Map was developed by the Canadian government to help gardeners gain insights into which plants grow best in specific areas of our country. This tool combines information about a variety of climatic conditions across the entire [...]

Winter Sowing


Have you tried winter sowing? Calgary is the perfect place to Winter Sow. Winter sowing can be done almost anywhere, anytime between late fall and early spring. Winter sowing is a method that became popular [...]

Microbial Inoculant


A little goes a long way Inoculant Recipe & Use Very little is required only 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water Legume Family Untreated Seeds should be inoculated prior to planting to enable plants to take nitrogen from [...]

Garden Terminology


Garden Terminology: It can be daunting for experienced gardeners and garden newcomers alike when it comes to terminology. A brief overview of the most common terms are available to help through the maze of new and old terms alike. [...]

Tomato Harvest Is Underway


Tomato Seed Harvest Is Underway Still, a few more plants to harvest. So far there are over 1000 lbs of tomatoes to harvest the seeds from. All the pulp will go-to sauces and salsas while the skins etc will become [...]

Save your tomato seeds


Save your tomato seeds like a pro and grow your own tomatoes from seed. Choose the best tomato on the plant. Seeds can be saved casually by squeezing them out onto a paper napkin and then air-drying them, but [...]



How to grow Columbine Aquilegia is a hardy perennial known as Columbine. Latin-Aquilegia vulgaris Family:  Ranunculaceae Season & Zone-Exposure:  Partial shade – full sun is tolerated where summers are cool-Zone: 3-9 Timing Direct sow in [...]

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