Applegreen Eggplant Seeds-20 Seeds

Applegreen Eggplant Seeds-20 Seeds


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Developed by the late Professor Elwyn Meader in New Hampshire in 1964. Productive upright 50-75 cm plants. Oval fruits are 12.5 in diameter with pale green skin and mild white flesh. Non-acid flavor, no need to peel. Extra-early and productive. 62-70 days from transplant. If there’s one thing about this brinjal variety that has everyone talking, it’s the taste. And yes, you eat it green! If you leave the fruits on the plant for too long, they will turn yellow, but will also lose that fabulous flavour that is its claim to fame. To add to your pleasure, the plants are resistant to mildew.

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Quick Facts

  • Organic

  • Open-pollinated

  • No peeling required

  • Brinjal variety

  • Resistant to mildew

  • 70-90 days to harvest



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