Asparagus Beans-50 Seeds

Asparagus Beans-50 Seeds


Asparagus Bean seeds are also known as yard-long beans. This attractive plant is botanically different from regular pole beans and bears the tongue-twisting Latin name Vigna unguiculata sesquipidalisAt first, this plant appears to grow as a bush, but when the summer heat comes along, it bursts into vertical growth with twisting vines, and purple flowers, followed by fast-growing pods that are meant to be harvested at 60-65cm (24-26”) in length. Even at that amazing size, the beans are just over 1cm (½”) thick, tender, and tasty. These beans feature prominently in Asian cuisines and are most productive in hot weather. Start indoors mid-spring, and transplant as soon as the soil warms up at the solstice.

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  • Open Pollinated

  • Matures in 95 days

  • Asian Heirloom Variety

  • No Staking required

  • High yields

  • Easy to grow

Like many other bush bean plants, Dragon’s Tongue Wax beans require lots of water as well as full sun. Seeds should be sown 2.5 cm deep, outdoors after the final frost of the season, as they need 60 to 90 days to reach full maturity, depending on what type of harvest is desired. Sow seeds an inch deep in well-drained soil. Allow at least 45 cm between rows and 8-12 cm between plants. For fresh green beans, harvest pods individually when they are crisp enough to snap off of the vine, but the beans inside have not yet fully formed. For shelling purposes keep the pods on the plant for longer to allow them to dry and become less tender. This takes to 90-110 days.



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