Astro Arugula-Certified Organic

Sold as .50 grams which are approximately 250 seeds

Grows in 21 days and matures in 40 days

Both heat and cold tolerant.

Astro is often considered the best of all Arugula Varieties.

Mustard and Cabbage Family (BRASSICACEAE)

Germinates quickly and tolerates cold and hot temperatures well.  Performs well as a cut-and-come-again crop.

Certified organic, Good cool weather growth, Great for containers, Open-pollinated

Astro is perfect for baby greens in early spring and fall.  Baby greens are ready to cut in only 21 days. Arugula is very well suited to micro-green growth. With a nutty, spicy taste that is sometimes pungent or peppery, arugula really perks up salads,  sandwiches, and even dishes like quiche, soups, or pizza.

It is very cold hardy and has a milder flavor when grown in cool weather.