• Annual

  • Cut flower

  • Flowers May-October

  • Attracts bees

  • Deer resistant

  • Hardy annual

  • Pure white with yellow centres

Starting Outdoors: Recommended. Direct sow 4 weeks before last spring frost. Mix seed with fine sand to scatter thinly over prepared soil to avoid overcrowding.

DO NOT SOW in late fall as seeds from this poppy variety generally do not survive the cold.

Requires light to germinate so pat hand to firm soil, spread seed/sand mixture, and pat soil again.

Poppies do not like to be transplanted, if transplanting is required do not disturb the roots.

Use a candle to sear the end of each stem to harvest or dip each stem in boiling water for about 20 seconds.

Diseases & Pests: Fungal diseases can be prevented by regularly spraying with organic fungicides and spacing at least 2-3 cm apart for good air circulation. If slugs and snails damage seedlings, sprinkle the surrounding soil with pelletized iron phosphate, crushed eggshells, or diatomaceous earth.