Eleonora Organic Bean Seeds-30 Seeds

Eleonora Organic Bean Seeds-30 Seeds


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Eleonora Organic broad beans stay relatively short, 80 cm tall. The attractive bluish-green foliage tops upright, hardy plants that only grow to 80 cm tall. The pods are high quality and very straight — excellent for fresh eating with sweet, rich flavour. The seeds are ideal for freezing as they maintain their colour and flavour for months. They normally have five to six beans in each pod.

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  • Open-pollinated

  • Heavy producer

  • Attractive foilage

  • Matures in 100 days

  • Young bean are tasty

  • Can be used for dry beans

Direct sow October/November in mild winter areas. Direct sow February to May in other areas. Tall, soft plants won’t withstand winter well. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 10-21°C

Sow seed 5 cm deep, 15 cm apart in double rows 23 cm apart. Germination takes 10-14 days, depending on conditions.

Pick when the pods appear plump and begin to droop from the weight of the seeds. Shell (like peas) and cook or use in soup. For dried beans, wait until the pods start to shrivel. Caution: some people are highly allergic to broad beans.



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