English Lavender-100 Seeds

English Lavender-100 Seeds


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Lavender True Seed mature into attractive plants whose foliage and flowers have a classic sweet fragrance. These flowers appear the second year after sowing. The flowers can be used to make sachets or informal low hedges. Sweet-smelling herb can be used to make sachets or informal low hedges. Designed to grow in full sunlight. Germinates in about 14 – 28 days, and can bloom in approximately 12 weeks Plant 30 cm  apart and 0.5 cm deep. Can grow up to 75 cm high. Perennial in zones 6 – 9. Start indoors about 6 – 10 weeks before last frost in a warm, sunny area. Flowers appear the second year after sowing

In stock (can be backordered)

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Suggestions: For better success with germination, fold a damp paper towel around seeds and place into a sealed plastic bag. Place in the freezer for 2-4 weeks, then remove and allow to settle to room temperature before opening the bag and planting. Cut flowers when they have just opened and the scent is the strongest. Dry on screen in shade. Excellent in flower arrangements.

Preparation Ideas: How to dry lavender: Before the buds open, cut lavender at the base of stems. Try and get the longest stem possible on the flower. Leave leaves and stem in place so the plant can finish growing. Gather the lavender stems into bunch and cut the bottom off the bunch so the ends are even. Tie the stems with a rubber band. It is recommended to limit bundles to 3/4″ around or smaller to allow for even drying and prevent mold and mildew from occurring. Keep winding the rubber band around the bunch so the stems are tightly secured but not crushed. Hang lavender bunches upside down in a dark place for 2 to 4 weeks. The lavender is dry when you brush the flowers they will fall easily from the stems. Dried flowers can be used in baking or put into sachets and placed in clothes closets for a sweet lavender scent.


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