Fortex Filet Beans-25 Seeds

Fortex Filet Beans-25 Seeds


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Fortex Filet This stringless French pole bean produces exceptionally long, medium-green pods that grow to over 27 cm. Fortex can also be harvested at 15-20cm for extra slender filet beans. The delicate, sweet flavour is wonderful served fresh or frozen. Fortex filet pole bean seeds produce vigorous climbing vines that require the support of a trellis or pole. Picked fresh, these beans are sweet, crunchy, and have a succulent texture and a flavour that will earn them a spot in the garden every season. It has been a best-selling customer favourite for years.

Matures in 70 days.


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    85 days. The Oriental Yard Long produces pods that can grow to be anywhere from one to three feet long. Each plant grows in a unique way, making them fascinating to watch! Yard-long beans have a taste similar to that of a green bean, and the pods cook very quickly due to their shape. They require support from a fence or pole so that their vines can grow up and provide the room necessary for the pods to grow to their full size and weight. The plant can grow in a variety of climates, thriving in zones three to nine. A unique and fun addition to the home garden.

    To be successful in cooler growing climates such as Calgary, start these seeds indoors, in separate peat pots. You can set them out in a grow tunnel once they are about 10-20 cm high.  If you keep them covered until they reach 40 cm high and the summer heat commences you can remove the tunnel and let them go. They start to grow like a bush bean, then once the summer heat comes along they shoot up into fast-growing vines and pods. The pods stay at about one-half to 1 cm thick and are tender and tasty, especially in Asian cuisines. You can easily start indoors and plant outdoors about June 20th. Use a trellis for support of these beans. They can be grown with corn in 3 Sisters planting.



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