Giant Prague-Dolvi-100 Seeds

Giant Prague-Dolvi-100 Seeds


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Improved Giant Prague variety. The giant root is excellent for stews and soups. Start 8-12 weeks indoors.

Available on backorder

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  • Start 8- 12 weeks before last frost

  • Large root

  • Great in soups and stews

  • 90-120 days to harvest from transplant

  • Heavy feeder-fertilize every 2-3 weeks

  • Grows best in cool weather

Variety with rather tall, dark green foliage. The round root is voluminous and very regular, not digging,
very fleshy, quite tender, and with a very fine taste. The skin and flesh are white in color.

SOIL CHOICE: Celery likes cool, loose soil, rich in humus.
SOWING: in April – May in the nursery, then make 2 successive transplantings at about 3 weeks apart, to promote better recovery.
CULTIVATION: at the second transplanting, space the plants 40 cm apart. Keep the soil clean and water thoroughly.
Add fertilizer until the ball begins to form.
HARVEST: Harvest before a frost. Cut the foliage above the collar. Store in a cold location or cellar in sand or potting soil.
ADVICE: for the successful production of large “balls”, it is important to transplant strong enough plants and especially to make
sure to water them well.
Rich in vitamins C, mineral salts, and trace elements, celery is low in calories.

Sow celeriac seed 3 mm deep. Place a seed cloth or burlap over the seeding area to keep the soil moist until plants sprout. If growing indoors use a germination cover. When plants are 8-10cm tall thin them from 6 to 8 inches 15-20cm apart or transplant them into the garden at that distance. Space rows 60-75cm apart. Celeriac is often set into the garden in 8-10cmdeep trenches, similar to celery. As the plants grow, soil can be mounded around the exposed root.

Our Celeriac is grown in a loose, rich organic compost.



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