Gladiator Parsnip Seeds-150 Seeds-Hybrid

Gladiator Parsnip Seeds-150 Seeds-Hybrid


We like this parsnip for its quick germination and early growth; it is bigger and more vigorous right from the beginning. This variety is wide at the top with a short body. It is tender and delicious even to the largest sizes, with no core. Gladiator parsnip seeds are canker resistant. Our customer Louella is shown holding a truly enormous specimen of Gladiator. She attributes its massive size to her husband’s rich compost blend. In rich, fluffy soil, these parsnips can really get huge. Parsnips store well for winter use. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Take caution during sunny weather: touching the plant may cause skin burns.

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  • Matures in 120 days

  • Sow from March-July

  • White roots can reach 45 cm long

  • Open-pollinated seeds

  • Smooth skin with white flesh

Plant seeds 5mm-1 cm deep in loose rich compost and cover with row cover or low tunnel to increase germination time. Soil should be 10-25 C and be kept moist during the germinations period of 14-21 days. The ground should be prepared similar to carrots, the looser the soil the better the parsnips will grow.  Generally, only 60% of parsnip seeds will germinate so plant seeds 2 cm apart and thin to 12-20 cm apart.

Harvest after frost for best flavour. We cover ours with 20 cm of straw and then cover with a low tunnel. By lifting the tunnel and the mulch we harvest our parsnips all winter as needed.

We grow in a high raised beds, 60-80 cm, for easy harvesting.


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