Granon Corn Salad-200 Seeds

Granon Corn Salad-200 Seeds


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Granon Organic Corn Salad Seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC and quick to grow. Granon is a particularly robust corn salad with high yields. Granon Seeds produce a plant with round and thick leaves, and a wide leaf blade up to the beginning of the stem. Even if maturity is exceeded, the leaves stay round and succulent. This cool-season crop is not widely known in North America but is much loved in Europe. It is easy to grow, very nutritious, and grows all winter in mild climates.

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  • Very cold tollerant

  • Matures in 50 days

  • Open-pollinated seeds

  • Easy to grow

  • Cool-season crop

  • Use raw, steamed, stir fired or boiled

  • Grows well in containers

Sow corn salad in early spring and in late August or September for fall and winter harvests. Seeds sprout in 7-21 days at temperatures of 5-18C.  Sow seeds 1 cm apart in rows 20 cm apart. Then to 5 cm apart.

Corn salad prefers light fertile soil and can be sown in the fall after summer crops have been harvested. Grows well in containers.

Harvest by bunching leaves together and cut 2-4 cm above the stem so the plants can grow back. Since corn salad is a low growing vegetable all leaves need to be thoroughly washed before use.

Use Corn Salad like you would lettuce or spinach. Try replacing spinach with corn salad in your favourite recipe, including salads, pizza, frittatas, stir fry, or add it to your stew and soup. It goes particularly well with feta cheese.


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