Green Arrow Peas-100 Peas

Green Arrow Peas-100 Peas


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Green Arrow shelling pea seeds. These are excellent for fresh eating, freezing, canning, or cooking. Born in pairs at the top of the short bush are heavy yields of dark green pods to 11cm (4.5″) containing 9 to 11 peas each. The peas themselves are tender and sweet and the 70cm (28″) plants are resistant to enation, Fusarium wilt, root rot, Leaf Curl virus (LCV), and downy mildew, so they are ideal for coastal gardens.

Green Arrow shelling pea seeds were first bred in England as a main season pea crop, and are listed in some UK sources as Green Shaft.

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  • Organic

  • Open-pollinated

  • Canada’s most popular pea

  • Easy to grow

  • Reliable

  • Withstands hot weather

  • Heavy producer

Days to harvest are 63-68 days.

Germination: 5-10 days

Plant 2.5 cm deep

Spacing between plants: 10 cm

Spacing between rows: 75 cm

Use a trellis to keep pea plants from intertwining

Heat and disease resistant

Sow every two weeks until mid-June

Maincrop pea

This pea has a flavour unsurpassed by any other variety which is only one reason it’s the most popular pea for generations.

Cook fresh peas for one minute, drain and add butter, salt and pepper.

Creamed fresh peas and carrots have long been a family favourite. Try cooking some fresh carrots, then add the peas and fresh cream a minute or two before serving,



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