Iceland Poppy-200 Seeds

Iceland Poppy-200 Seeds


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Papaver nudicaule. The Iceland Poppy is a hardy short-lived perennial. It self sows easily so will last for years to come. The cup-shaped blooms have a texture like crepe paper and appear in a range of subdued pastel colours; apricot, gold, tangerine, and white. Sow Iceland Poppy seeds in early spring or late fall where they are to grow permanently. The flower stalks grow to around 30cm tall and are among the longest-lasting poppies as cut flowers. Use a candlestick to seal the cut stem to prolong them as cut flowers. They are highly attractive to bees.

Plant in late fall or early spring. Poppy seeds need to be cold stratified to germinate. Poppies only need soil that is ordinary and moist, but well-drained. The seeds should not be planted deeply; they just need to be compressed into the soil, as they need light to germinate. The best method for planting is to mix one part seed with 5 parts sand and scatter over the prepared growing area.

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