Lettuce Leaf Basil-100 Seeds

Lettuce Leaf Basil-100 Seeds


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Lettuce Leaf basil seeds produce very large green leaves with a glorious aroma. One of the most popular and productive sweet basils. The large, bright green, crinkled leaves let off a delicious aroma. Great for salads, pestos, pizza, and sandwiches.



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  • Tender Perennial

  • Large Leaf

  • Grow in container or windowsill

  • Pinch the tip to promote bushing

  • Easy to grow

  • Full sun

Basil likes warm sunny locations, good drainage, and lots of water.

Sow seeds 1cm deep in a sterilized seed starting mix. Basil is prone to damping off, so once the seeds sprout, ensure adequate ventilation. Keep Basil under very bright light.  Using bottom heat speeds germination.

Use any rich, loose, well-drained soil. Once plants are 15cm tall, pinch out the growing tips to encourage really bushy growth prior to harvest. Watch for signs of flower buds forming in mid-summer, and pinch these off to promote more foliage. Encourage larger plants by planting Basil seedlings 20-25 cm apart.

Fertilizer, Light, and Water. Provide high soil fertility and light, loose soil to get the largest leaves. Adding pearlite or vermiculite to the soil when planting is a good idea. If available use earthworm compost in pots and containers. Great Basil means regular heavy feeding.

Basil is easy to grow in warm sunny conditions. It is easy to grow indoors, in containers. Basil transplants well and can be started ahead in cell blocks. Basil is as aromatic in the kitchen as it is in the garden. Fresh Basil has significantly more flavour than dried, which means it’s a great fresh herb for the kitchen window. Cooks around the world use basil. It is perhaps most popular in Mediterranean and Asian dishes. It is a great addition to most vegetables, fish, poultry dishes, and summer salads. Basil is the key ingredient of pesto. Basil is often matched with tomatoes in recipes

In the garden basil is a companion plant that is said to enhance the growth of both tomatoes and peppers.

In zones 4-10 it is an annual but in tropical regions, it is a perennial. Indoors, a single basil plant, pinch well can grow for several years and grow 60-90 cm high providing fresh leaves continuously.  If growing indoors try to prevent any seed formation by pinching leaves.


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