Livingstone daisies have flat, succulent leaves up to 10 cm long, with the plants hugging the ground. Flowers have dark centers and are colored pink, white, purple, lavender, crimson, or orange. Plants grow up to 20 cm high and spread to 30 cm wide. The flowers close at night and on cloudy days. Extremely drought and heat-tolerant.

Propagating Livingstone daisy: By seed. Sow seeds indoors 10 weeks prior to the last frost date. Seeds germinate in 7 to 14 days at 16 C In frost-free locations, they can be seeded directly into the garden and thinned to the proper spacing. They will reseed, although the colours will not be the same in following years.

Uses for Livingstone daisy: These are ideal plants for mass plantings. They’re wonderful sunny ground covers. Plant them in rock gardens; they are especially beautiful on slopes and hillsides. They’re among the best plants for seaside locations.