Long Purple Eggplant Seeds-30 Seeds

Long Purple Eggplant Seeds-30 Seeds


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Sometimes listed as Fingerling or Long Purple Italian, Long Purple Eggplant seeds produce stocky, productive plants that bear four or more fruits per plant. The fruits are dark purple and club-shaped 20-25cm long and around 6cm in diameter. The flesh is firm and mild in flavour, and it’s lovely when cooked, taking on the flavours it is cooked with. This old heirloom variety arrived in American gardens back in the 1850s. Try growing this eggplant in a three to five-gallon pot on your patio. Eggplants thrive in hot weather. This is the perfect eggplant for making Ratatouille.

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Quick Facts

  • Organic

  • Open-pollinated

  • Heirloom 1850s

  • 60-80 days to harvest

  • Cylindrical 20-25 cm fruit and 6 cm diameter

  • Thrives in hot weather

  • a.k.a Fingerling or Long Purple Italian

Start eggplant indoors 6-9 weeks before the average last frost. Soak seeds first to encourage germination and then sow 5 mm deep. Using bottom heat for a week to 10 days will help with sprouting. Transplant when the soil has warmed in a location that gets 8-10 hours of direct sun. If growing eggplant in raised beds or containers, keep the plants well-watered.

Space 45-70 cm apart in the garden.

If growing in containers use large container-approx. 3 plants per 5-gallon container.



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