Mixed Lupin Seeds-50 Seeds

Mixed Lupin Seeds-50 Seeds


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Stunning, brightly-colored spikes create a strong feature in the early summer garden. Its pea-like flowers grow in dense spires. Scatter through cottage or wildflower gardens or mass plant in the border. Purple, deep blue, red, pink, yellow, cream, and white. Lupins prefer a full sun position but will also grow well in semi-shade, they do not grow well in full shade. They grow well in a wide variety of soil conditions although chalky and/or waterlogged soil will be a problem if not improved before planting. If the ground is clay, lots of compost dug into the planting area will greatly increase their chances of surviving winters. Once your Lupins start to flower create new plants if you want more of a certain colour, gently separate the little offset at the base of a mature plant and replant it.

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