Mammoth Blend Sweet Pea-30 Seeds

Mammoth Blend Sweet Pea-30 Seeds


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One of the best extra large flowers in a blend of deep rose, salmon, cream, pink, scarlet, white, mid blue, and crimson. Sow Mammoth Blend sweet pea seeds for the earliest sweet peas to bloom from late spring to early summer. Direct sow sweet pea seeds at three-week intervals for an extended bloom period. They have very large flowers on long stems, so they’re a great cut flower. Their scent is more subdued than other sweet pea varieties.

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  • Annual

  • Climbing vine 1.6 metres

  • Early to flower

  • Great cut flower

  • Easy to grow

  • Use trellis

Sow outside April 1st as soon as soil can be worked 4 cm deep and 13 mm apart (2 or 3 peas per 2.5 cm). Prefers a rich, heavy soil and does not do well in sand. Keep moist in dry weather and well sprayed for aphids. Cut flowers last 4-5 days or longer if a blooming helper is added to the water.

Identify one plant from each colour and do not cut flowers. Let it develop pods and save seeds from each plant colour to sow in future years.


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