Marketmore 76 Cucumber Seeds-20 Seeds

Marketmore 76 Cucumber Seeds-20 Seeds


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A favorite slicer for the home garden. These long, slender, dark green cucumbers have been the standard for slicing cucumbers. Resistant to scab, cucumber mosaic virus, and mildews. Marketmore 76 cucumber seeds yield a smooth, refined, dark-green slicer with a crisp crunch and sweet flavour (makes great pickles). This is an early maturing cucumber that grows to 20-23cm long with slightly shorter vines than other varieties so you can space them more densely and get a higher yield in a small garden. Marketmore 76 is very productive in the greenhouse as well as in raised beds. The small seed cavity can be quickly removed by running a spoon down the length of each side.

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  • Open-pollinated



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