Parade Organic Onion-200 Seeds

Parade Organic Onion-200 Seeds


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Parade Organic scallion seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! For an open-pollinated variety, Parade shows remarkable uniformity, with little or no bulbing. Dark green, almost waxy leaves grow vigorously with white stalks that can be made longer by hilling up soil around them. Expect upright growth with no branching. Parade looks great as a bunching onion on the market table, but it performs perfectly in the home garden. Provide frost protection with a cloche tunnel, and you can harvest this scallion all winter long. Parade is one of the best scallions to grow if you plan on saving seeds for next season. To do this, wait for some of your scallions to overwinter. Their flowers are formed after a cold period. Be aware that they can cross-pollinate with other members of Allium fistulosum as well as A. cepa, so they need to be isolated if both are in bloom at the same time.

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Quick Facts

    • Hardy perennial.
    • Evergreen in most climates, but can die back in harsh Winters.
    • Flat leaves.
    • Mild garlic/onion flavour.
    • White flowers June to August.
    • Likes a sunny position but will tolerate shade.
    • Likes rich, moist but well-drained soil. Will tolerate poorer soils.
    • Remove flowers for the best flavour, but flowers can be used in salads.
    • Split/divide every 3 -4 years in Spring.
    • Can be grown indoors or out.
    • Usually, reaching 30 – 60 cm tall.
    • Always leave 5 cm for best re-growth.
    • Chives are considered a cool-season crop, which means that they grow best in the spring and fall. The harsher temperatures of summer usually cause them to go dormant until cool weather arrives again.
    • For a head start in colder regions, start chive seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost. Transplants need good growth before being set in the garden.
    • Outdoors, sow seeds as soon as the soil is workable in the spring. Note that they can take a few weeks to germinate, so don’t panic! For the best germination and growth, the temperature of the soil should be between 15º and 21ºC.
    • Plant transplants outdoors once the threat of frost has passed.
    • Chives grow best in full sun, though they will tolerate light shade.
    • Soil needs to be moist, fertile, rich, and well-draining. Before planting, incorporate 10-15 cm of well-composted organic matter. Work compost into the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm
    • Sow seeds about 5 cm apart and no more than 6mm deep. Cover with a thin layer of soil.
    • Once seedlings emerge, thin so that plants are spaced between 10-15 inches apart in all directions.




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