Parisian Cornichon (Gherkin) Cucumber Seeds-10 Seeds

Parisian Cornichon (Gherkin) Cucumber Seeds-10 Seeds


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Cucumber, ‘Parisian Pickling’ is the ideal cucumber for use in pickling and for eating fresh in summer salads. The fruits can be harvested while small and young at around 50 days for pickles or left to mature to 67 days for slicing cucumbers. ‘Parisian’ are suitable for indoor and outdoor sowing and ideal for container growing. The prolific plants produce blunt-ended fruits that average 15cm in length, the skin is medium green in colour with dark green spots. Small-spined, seedless, crunchy-sweet cucumbers. The fruits have firm flesh that holds well and is very uniform in shape which is important when trying to get all those little cucumbers into those jars!

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Quick Facts

  • Open-pollinated

  • Heriloom 1892



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