Nigella damascena. Persian Jewels Nigella seeds are also known as Love-in-a-Mist. Its delicate appearance belies its hardy, dependable nature. Pale as a baby flower, Persian Jewel matures to intense shades of violet, blue, white, and pastels in between. Each flower emerges from a tangle of lacy foliage.  After blooming, curious-looking fruits ripen, dry, and eventually release seeds for the next season. These distinctive seed heads can be dried for flower arrangements. Everlasting flowers are grown especially for its spiky decorative seed pods. Germinates 10–14 days at 60°. Grow on at 60–65°. Set transplants 6–9″ apart. For continuous bloom, direct seed weekly until June. Nigella grows 20–50cm (8–20″) tall.