Peruvian Black Mint Seeds-200 Seeds

Peruvian Black Mint Seeds-200 Seeds


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Peruvian Black Mint a.k.a Huacatay. Meet corianders closest cousin, Peruvian Black Mint gives hope to those who intensely dislike coriander. The soft, lacy leaves of this Andean relative of the marigold have a bright, fresh, intensely aromatic fragrance. This herb is ridiculously easy to grow, helps kills some perennial weed roots, and deters all kinds of pests and bugs. Related to marigold but with tiny flowers and is drought resistant.

This herb is not only used for its culinary purposes it is essential when it comes to deterring pests, especially in mustard crops like radishes.

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  • Annual Seeds

  • Deters many pests

  • Easy to grow

  • Reaches 90-180 cm

  • Use to replace cilantro

  • Highly scented leaves

  • Used in Peruvian dishes

Our test on this herb: According to testing, this herb is hardy to zone 5. This was our first year growing the Peruvian Black Mint, hence we’re giving the overwintering in the Calgary zone a test. By using a heavy layer of mulch 20+ cm, and growing it in an area protected from north and west winds by trees and buildings, we will attempt to overwinter the Peruvian Black Mint. During the growing season, it was noticed that no bugs or pests were present on any of the leaves, so we transplanted it in with our mustard plants in hopes of repelling flea beetles & aphids.

It grew amazingly well as a direct sown annual and the plant spreads more as the leaves are picked.

The perfect herb for those who hate coriander and used in exactly the same way. Leaves have zesty citrus, cooling peppermint, and fruity pineapple flavour. The soft, lacy leaves of this Andean relative of the marigold have a bright, fresh, intensely aromatic fragrance. Incredibly easy to grow. Harvest June-late September.

It is said to be a great alternative to cilantro. Leaves appear similar to marigold.

Height 100-150cm

Spread 70-80cm

Plant 8-10 weeks before the last frost or direct sow in the garden in May

Plant seeds 8 mm deep in moist soil.

Space plants 45-60 cm apart

Do not plant near parsley!

The roots of Peruvian Black Mint are known to kill many perennial weeds, including Ground Elder, Couch Grass, and Field Bind Weed.

This plant is used to control and guard against pests and bugs.


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