Radio Pot Marigold-30 Seeds

Radio Pot Marigold-30 Seeds


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Annual flowering plant grows in branched bushes 50-60 cm) high. Fragrant, large, dark orange Flowers. Blooms from June until frost. Use for flower beds and group plantings.


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  • Annual

  • Cut flowers

  • Easy to grow

  • Deters pests

  • Reliable

Marigolds are a traditional and cheerful long-blooming annual that makes an exceptional impact of colour.  They will all provide you with outstanding performance and beauty.  Many gardeners also choose to plant marigolds in vegetable gardens as they are known to emit an aroma that deters pests of all types. Double or single varieties continue to be most reliable and can even withstand cooler temperatures.

Marigolds are perfect for cutting or using as an accent to your flower beds.

Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Harden off and plant after danger of all frost has passed.

Sow Outdoors-Sow directly after danger of all frost has passed.

Plant 3 mm deep and space seeds 2.5 cm apart. Each plant will spread about 30 cm. If planting in containers use at least a 30 cm container.


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