Salute Dill-200 Seeds

Salute Dill-200 Seeds


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Late variety 50-65 days. Plant height 45-55cm, weight 70-100g. The leaves are large, long 12-16cm, light green with small blossoms, great taste, and aroma. Dill Salute, which belongs to annual herbs, was bred in the nineties of the last century by Russian breeders. Due to its pleasant smell, the leaves and seeds of the umbrella plant were used as a seasoning. Salute is one of the best representatives of the family, adapted for growing in fields, small plots, indoors.

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  • Open-pollinated

  • Garden and indoor growing

During the growing season of Salute dill, a powerful bush is formed with thick feathery leaves of a dark green color, covered with a purine bloom. They are arranged vertically, in one outlet there are up to 30 pieces. The length of the petiole grows up to 16 cm, the height of the stem, which has longitudinal stripes, reaches 1 meter.

On the greens, the leaves of the late-ripening Salute are cut off, 45 days after that, shoots will breakthrough from the ground. In unfavorable weather, dill ripens later. Up to 4.8 kg of aromatic herbs is harvested from a square meter of a plot in several steps. Salute gives a decent harvest both in greenhouses and in summer cottages. The variety thrives on light and fertile lands does not tolerate acidic soil. Grow a green crop where there is plenty of sun, it will not grow in the shade.

It is easy to collect material for planting from self-pollinated dill Salute. From one bush, up to 8 g of flattened grains with a pronounced smell are obtained, which sprout together only in the first year. For a late-ripening variety, 2 sowing dates are used РMay or the last days of August, all September. Dill sprout when the air temperature rises above 8 degrees. Greens are cut in June, umbrellas Рat the end of summer.

For a spicy culture to please with a harvest, you need fertile land. The plant responds well to organic matter. It is not necessary to add lime or ash to the soil chosen for planting Salute, otherwise, the leaves will turn red.



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