Scarlet Emperor Runner Pole Bean Seeds-50 Seeds

Scarlet Emperor Runner Pole Bean Seeds-50 Seeds


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These seeds can be sown indoors by placing them two inches deep in potted soil, and transplanted outside after seven to ten weeks, when the threat of frost has passed. Conversely, you may sow them directly outdoors by placing them 5 cm deep in the soil, 22-25 inches apart, and with 45 cm between rows. Because these seeds will grow in a vine, they will need a support trellis, such as a cane or frame. It is best for the roots to put your frame in place when you plant as these vines grow quickly. Regular watering is required, and these vines will grow to impressive lengths in a relatively brief period of time.

3-4 Meter vines are covered in attractive red blossoms borne in clusters. The more you pick, the more they produce. Most should bear pods from late July and harvest can continue until the first frosts, or longer if plants are protected. Beans are at their best when fresh, young, and tender. They should be harvested when the pods are thin, snap easily, and while the seeds are still small and pale in colour. Picking green beans often help to promote more growth and increase yields. As the pods get older they develop string and the pod-walls become more fibrous, with pronounced bumps on the surface indicating that the seeds are enlarging and that moisture is going into the seed from the pod.

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  • Attracts hummingbirds

  • Open Pollinated

  • Heirloom Variety

  • Matures in 60 days

  • Full sun

  • Easy to grow

  • No Staking required

Sow these seeds in intervals to have a continuous harvest, which is beneficial because each plant has a relatively short harvest window. Sow them about 2.5 cm below the soil surface. They need full sun and plenty of water. Rows between plants should be around 45-50 cm apart, and plants can be spaced 10 cm apart. Harvest the pods individually as they mature to keep plant productivity high. You can begin harvesting beans when they are about 12-18 cm long; this will usually be around fifty to seventy days. These are excellent for fresh eating and your main harvest (freezing and canning).

Just like peas, do not disturb beans when they are damp or wet to reduce the incidence of disease.

Avoid excessive use of nitrogen as it promotes excessive foilage but reduces the production of fruit.



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