Selma Fino Fennel-60 Seeds

Selma Fino Fennel-60 Seeds


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A stellar bulbing Florence fennel with an excellent sweet anise-like flavor that mellows with cooking.  Selma Fino is usually the sweetest tasting. Takes about 80 days to form full-sized bulbs, however, it can be harvested sooner at a smaller size. Very white bulbs are fairly uniform and won’t prematurely bolt if planted in spring. Tops can be used as a fresh herb, adding a mellow fennel flavor to dishes or salads. Unique compared to other bulb type fennel, some plants have a perennial nature. The flowers are highly attractive to bees and other beneficial insects. Fennel leaves, florets, and seeds can be used for culinary purposes as an herb.


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  • Organic and open-pollinated

  • Plant early in spring

  • Plants generally do not bolt

  • Large, flat. white bulbs

  • Matures 80 days

  • Highly attractive to bees

  • Beautiful plants

  • Sweet and tasty bulbs, flowers and seeds

Direct sow any time after the last frost or early summer. Fennel can be started indoors, but use “cow pots” so roots are not disturbed, harden off well before planting in the ground as transplanted fennel bolts easily. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 15-21°C. Sow seeds 1 cm deep and 30 cm apart. Do not plant too close together. Grow fennel in a sunny location in a well-drained loamy soil. Amend any soil to a loamy mix, clay soils can be assisted with sand. In the first year, fennel will grow to about 60cm tall, but in mild areas plants can reach 2m tall. Treated as an annual in our gardens.


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