Shades of Blue Popcorn-25 Seeds

Shades of Blue Popcorn-25 Seeds


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105 days. Blend of sky blue and violet-blue kernels, 20 cm long. Plant in blocks of 4 rows or more.

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CULTURE: Indian corn does not have the taste of most sweet corn varieties and though it can be eaten in niblet form, it is usually grown for decorative purposes. For better color combinations make sure you plant at least 3 or 4 rows side by side 76 cm apart and separate from late varieties of sweet corn which it may contaminate with multi-colored kernels, through wind pollination. Single rows will produce poor quality ears. Indian corn is a tall late plant and should be started as early as possible in the spring to reach full maturity in Sept. Home gardeners are advised to start seed in 6 cm peat pots indoors May 1st – May 15th at 2 seeds per pot, set plants outdoors June 10th, thin seedlings to one per pot.



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