French Sorrel-100 Seeds

French Sorrel-100 Seeds


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Rumex acetosa) 35 days (baby), 50 days (mature) РPerennial in zones 4-9. French Lemon Sorrel is a must-have for no-hassle gardeners. Able to establish itself as a perennial in a wide range of Canada Sorrel is one of the earliest and latest greens in your garden coming up on its own at the beginning of spring. Each tender leaf is up to eight inches long and has a delicious lemon flavour. This is a great all-around open-pollinated sorrel variety, adaptable to any home organic vegetable garden.



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  • Hardy perennial
  • Easy to grow

  • Large lemon flavoured leaves
  • Matures in 60 days
  • Eat raw in salads
  • Add to soup, stew and savory pastries
  • Open-pollinated seeds

The tangy acidity of sorrel is often used with fatty dishes such as cheese or egg dishes. You can top fatty fishes (like salmon, for example) with butter and chopped sorrel. You might also add the herb to a cheese tray


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