Summer Lilac Purple-100 Seeds

Summer Lilac Purple-100 Seeds


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Perennial flowering plant grows with erect stems 60-90 cm tall. Small, lilac-purple flowers, diameter 1.5-2 cm with a very pleasant aroma. Grows well in sunny areas and partial shade.

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  • Mix of 7 colours

  • Cut flower favourite

  • Matures in 80-90 days

  • Sow seed in late fall or early spring

  • Open-pollinated

  • Cut flower

  • Attracts Hummingbirds

DAYS TO GERMINATION:14-21 days at 13°C. Chill seed for 7 days at 2°C to improve germination.

Direct seed (recommended): Sow seeds 5 mm deep in early spring for summer bloom or in fall for bloom the following year. Darkness is required for germination. Seeds do not germinate well when soil temperatures are above 13°C. Does best where summers are cool. Larkspur plants require vernalization-a period of cool temperatures- to trigger flower development. Plants should ideally stay above freezing but below 13°C for the first six weeks of growth. Without exposure to this cold period, the plants will not flower well. These plants work best with support like a horizontal trellis. Transplant: Grow at 13°C until ready to plant outside. Plants have taproots and do not transplant readily.

Plants should be about 10-15 cm apart.


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