Tendergreen Bush Beans-100 Seeds

Tendergreen Bush Beans-100 Seeds


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The tendergreen variety of bean produces abundant yields of 12-18 cm pods. Tendergreens are resistant to common bean mosaic. This is a bush type bean plant, so it can grow independent of a pole or support. This plant is best suited for a more advanced gardener, as the window for harvesting is rather short, about two weeks. It is beneficial to sow a few different plants about ten days apart. These plants pay off well, with tender and delicious green pods with a mild and delicious taste. This is a great main crop variety for gardeners who enjoy freezing and canning.


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  • Open Pollinated

  • Matures in 50 days

  • Heirloom Variety

  • Black seeds

  • High yields

  • Easy to grow

  • No Staking required

Sow these seeds in intervals to have a continuous harvest, which is beneficial because each plant has a relatively short harvest window. Sow them about 2.5 cm below the soil surface. They need full sun and plenty of water. Rows between plants should be around 45-50 cm apart, and plants can be spaced 10 cm apart. Harvest the pods individually as they mature to keep plant productivity high. You can begin harvesting beans when they are about 12-18 cm long; this will usually be around fifty to seventy days. These are excellent for fresh eating and your main harvest (freezing and canning).

Just like peas, do not disturb beans when they are damp or wet to reduce the incidence of disease.

Avoid excessive use of nitrogen as it promotes excessive foilage but reduces the production of fruit.



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