Vroma Fava Broad Bean Seeds-30 Seeds

Vroma Fava Broad Bean Seeds-30 Seeds


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The best bean to try in 2021. Unlike most beans, fava beans prefer cool weather and are best planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow 2.5 cm deep, 10-12 cm apart, in rows 40-90 cm apart or use wide-bed style planting, giving each plant 25 sq.cm of space. Vroma produces large, 15-18 cm pods with 4–5 large seeds. Cook like a shell bean when the seeds are pale green or wait until pods are dry for shelled beans. Strong, heat-tolerant plants resist lodging. Light brown seeds. These lovely plants reach 1-1.5 M high and are self-supporting.

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  • Open-pollinated

  • Cool weather crop

  • Heavy producer

  • Attractive foilage

  • Attracts beneficial insects

  • Young bean are tasty

  • Can be used for drdy beans

Sow early in spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Keep soil consistently moist but take care not to overwater. For dry beans, pull entire plants and allow them to after-ripen before processing. Collect seeds from plants with pods that are fully dry, but before pods shatter. Shell by hand or by walking on the dry pods. (This is a great job for children.) Test for dryness with a hammer – dry beans shatter, moist beans squish.



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