Wild Purple Clover-25 Seeds

Wild Purple Clover-25 Seeds


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Perennial under-utilized clumping clover with huge reddish-purple plumes to 18 inches tall. Most ornamental of all the clovers, it works for a cut flower, too.

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  • Perennial

  • Start indoors for first year blooms

  • Drought tolerant once established

  • Herbal uses

  • Attracts bees and butterfliess

Indoors use a soil-less growing medium and keep the container at 20-25 C for the 10-15 day germination period. After germination grow under lights at a slightly cooler temperature. When planting out after hardening off the seedlings, select a site in full sun with good air circulation.

Sow Outdoors-Sow directly after danger of all frost has passed.

Plant 3 mm deep and space seeds 2.5 cm apart. Each plant will spread about 30-45 cm.

Growing Purple Coneflowers Purple coneflower plants grow best in poor or lean soil. Rich or heavily amended soil may result in lush foliage and poor flowering. When planting purple coneflower, locate them in a full sun area. Full sun is defined as at least six hours of sun each day.
Once planted and established, caring for coneflowers is easy.

In seasons with normal rainfall, additional watering is not necessary. Purple coneflower plants are drought resistant and often thrive in dry summers.

Coneflower care may include limited fertilization, but this is often not needed. If flowers are small or poorly developed, try working in a small amount of well-composted material in the soil around the plants. When late summer blooms of the purple coneflower begin to look tired or ragged, cut the plant back by a third.

This rejuvenates the plant and often produces a new display of beautiful blooms that last until frost. Coneflower care is as simple as that and the plants will reward you with abundant flowering each and every year thereafter.


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