Winter Savory-200 Seeds

Winter Savory-200 Seeds


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Perennial cousin to summer savory, with thicker and shinier leaves. The flavour is more pungent and biting. Has a higher proportion of thymol than summer savory. This herb is great for culinary uses, however, just as important is its use to attract bees while repelling aphids, and cabbage moths.



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  • Perennial-to Zone 5

  • Resembles Summer Savory

  • Repels cabbage moths

  • Strong herbaceous aroma

One of our favourites to grow in the garden as it comes back freely year after year as a self-seeder. Grows best in medium-rich sandy soil,

Direct seed: Sow in spring after the danger of frost has passed, about 5-10 mm deep, 3 seeds per inch in single rows  Thin plants to 20-30 cm apart.

Cut for fresh use once the plants have become established. Entire plants can be harvested when flowers are in the bud stage. To dry, hang the plant in a warm, dark, well-ventilated location.


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