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Yarrow is a pollinator and practically care-free, making it perfect for borders, ground covers, and open meadows. Yarrow has showy flower heads composed of many tiny, tightly-packed flowers rising above clusters of ferny foliage. The flowers may be yellow, red, pink, or any shade in between.

Yarrow is pest-resistant, drought-resistant attracts butterflies, and is excellent for cutting and drying.

The plant is also an aromatic herb that has many healing properties!


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  • Attracts Bees and Butterflies

  • Blooms All Summer

  • Home Garden Favourite

  • Deer Resistant

  • Planter Friendly

  • Full Sun

  • Medicinal Herb


  • Plant in an area that receives full sun to encourage compact growth and many flowers. In the shade, yarrow will grow leggy.
  • Yarrow performs best in well-drained soil. It thrives in hot, dry conditions; it will not tolerate soil that’s constantly wet.
  • Use a garden fork or tiller to loosen the soil in your garden to about 30-50 cm deep, then mix in a 5-10 cm layer of compost.
  • If you grow yarrow in too-rich soil, the plants may require staking due to overenthusiastic growth. To keep it from growing too tall, choose a site with average to poor soil, and supplement it with a bit of compost to give the plants a good start.

Plant Yarrow

  • Space 30-60 cm apart.
  • Divide every 3-5 years to maintain healthy vigorous plants.

Cut off (“deadhead”) flowers when they start to fade in mid-summer; this encourages most varieties to produce another round of flowers.


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