Bush plants are compact and a perfect fit for gardeners with limited space. Vegetable Marrow is a semi bush with some vining. It produces pale yellow oval squash that may or may not have distinguishable ridges and can show some substantial differences in fruit coloration from very pale yellow to greenish-white, to darker green, to pale greenish-white with darker green stripes. They are hard-shelled when mature at 25-36cm. Beneath the hard white skin is a creamy interior that is wonderful for stuffing and baking. Vegetable Marrow squash seeds are a Lebanese type of squash and can be picked young when pale green and used like summer squash. Plants are prolific and will produce over a long summer season if kept picked. Leave this squash to cure outside for about a week before storing it. Squash is easy to grow and to harvest. Harvest all squash before your first frost.