Bouquet Dill-200 Seeds

Bouquet Dill-200 Seeds


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Early, sweet, and soft heirloom variety from France. Dark, blue-green foliage with an excellent taste between anise and cumin. Seeds flavour pickles; leaves enhance salads, soups, omelets, and vegetables. Grows 75-90 cm high. Matures in 40-60 days, spreads 10-20 cm.

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  • Open-pollinated

  • Grows 75-90 cm high

  • Good for bunching

  • Large seed heads and seeds

  • Attracts beneficial insects

Bouquet dill seeds grow into compact plants around 75-90 cm tall. Bouquet Dill is a particularly good variety to grow for nice looking bunching at the market table and works well in containers or smaller herb gardens. This dill has fragrant, lacy foliage, large yellow flower heads, and large seeds, but the plants only grow about waist high.

Dill is attractive to predatory insects such as lady beetles, Syrphid flies (hover-flies), lacewings, and tiny parasitoid wasps. Gardeners like to grow dill precisely to attract these beneficial insects, for they will control pest insects like aphids, thrips, whitefly, and the caterpillar of the Small White Butterfly (cabbage moth).

Direct sow May to August, or sow in June, when cucumbers are transplanted, to coincide maturity for pickling. Dill tends to bolt if transplanted, so it is best to direct sow. Stagger your harvest by sowing every 2-3 weeks for a constant supply of fresh leaves. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 15-21° C.  Seeds should germinate in 10-21 days.


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