Buttercrunch Head Lettuce-100 Seeds

Buttercrunch Head Lettuce-100 Seeds


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Buttercrunch is a real winner and always a favorite in our organic gardens.  This is a butterhead type of lettuce with crisp, thick well-formed medium to dark green outer leaves which hides the buttery yellow-white heart. Buttercrunch has good resistance to bolting. For ultimate flavour and nutrition eat directly after picking.

We found that all lettuce, especially our buttercrunch grows in moist rich organic compost.  Spring lettuce is grown in sunny locations, while summer crops prefer light shade.  Since lettuce is a cool-weather crop, sow the seed as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring then every two weeks thereafter to ensure a continuous supply. Sow seed about 3 mm deep. Head lettuce such as Buttercrunch should be thinned to 30 cm apart to provide ample nutrients and room for growth.  An even supply of moisture during the entire growth period is imperative for success. Harvest head lettuce by cutting the head off at the base just below the lower leaves.

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